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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why I like doing criminal law, since I specialise in Business and maritime law?

Many people believe that each scientist, and especially a lawyer should focus on one object and not practice any other field of law. 

But I although I have specialised in business and maritime law, I practice as well criminal law, in the form of legal aid. That means helping people who cannot afford to pay for their defence and defending them in front of the court.

I do that mainly not because of the money but also because of the excitement and the amazing feedback I get from the people.

Especially nowadays in the year after the Greek economic crisis, it is amazing to see how underprivileged people are very exposed to the Criminal Court Judges and their decisions.

That means that without the proper defence, they are completely lost.

By practising this field of law, not only do I get amazing feedback from people, but also I feel excited and thrilled because these people really recognize your efforts as a lawyer.

From this experience I have learned that you should focus to a certain point in your business life, but you should be open to changes and ready to take a path which can lead you to new experiences.

That is what I wanted to share with you


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