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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 29: Making your dream come true

Day 29: What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

  My blueprint for living the dream of my live looks like this:
 Let’s start from waking up in a scenery like this one in the photo. That would be the beginning of a dream day!

I would like to say that I have fulfilled some of my dreams in my life: first of all having my own office, struggling hard to buy my version of ideal house, etc. All these are material targets.

After you have fulfilled them, you have a very joyful moment and then you have to move forward.

And that is a sad moment because you have reached your destination at that specific moment of your life and you don’t know what comes next. Let alone the financial obligations that all these belongings create.

Growing  with the years, I realised that there is no certainty in life. That’s why you have to live your life to the fullest way possible.

Therefore, my dream now includes the knowledge of the world and the people living in it through travelling and working with people from all over the world via Internet.

In other words, I want to obtain a global point of view and broaden my horizons.

In my opinion, the key to reach my goals is independence.

Location independence, material independence and people independence.

That means that I get to choose the place to live and/or work, as well as not having to be restrained from negative people or people who over criticise my approach on work and/or life theory that I have.

I don’t want to be tied down by material obligations, f.e too much loan payments or by certain workplaces f.e specific office location.

Mobility, flexibility, adaptability, open mindset, respect for others, trustworthy business relations, happiness, communication. These are non negotiable principles and around them I want to build my dream.

And all these in a location independence environment which permits me to have the ability to travel and exploring the world.

In order to achieve my dream, I am preparing to sacrifice a super car or a super house, because it would be too much of a commitment in order to achieve my dream flexbility and mobility.

May be later when I settle down and the circumstances are better.....
I would be ready to sacrifice unuseful human relations with people that are negative and narrow minded in other words fake relations. All these superficial and  not meaningful   relations are just a waist of time.

My dream from location point of view would for sure include sea view and sun and ideally a boat, and
all the relevant sea activity and sports (swimming, diving, etc).

Day 29 Living the dream - what does yours look like?

That's for now


Monday, September 29, 2014

Minimalist backpack for travel- a very important travel tool when I was a carefree beginner lawyer on vacation in the island of Mykonos! Very practical-still have it! Sentimental value!

What travel tools and services are most important to you when taking your business abroad?

- The most important travel tool for me  are first of all a good site with visa services , because that can REALLY get you  you out of big trouble!
 A backup system (like an external hard drive) is always very important, especially when it has to do with work files, such as legal documents or sensitive personal data of clients.
A universal charger is an excellent idea. I did'n know there was such a practical  device, until I saw the one that Natalie recommends.

 I will definitely try it out and I ll share my opinion with you.

Finally the most important travel tool is to keep calm under all circumstances because during  travel always a lot of unpredictable things can happen and the only way to deal with them is to be calm and have quick responses. I am talking out of personal experience. In one of my  other posts I will share  my experience with you.

Keep calm and travel hacking!


Day 28 - Travel Tools and Accessories: All You Need to Get Moving and Go Mobile

Sunday, September 28, 2014

DAY 27:

Travelling for my PhD research in Librairie Cujas, Paris.

Day 27: What’s your best travel hacking story to date (where you scored a free upgrade, used miles or just got a bonus perk) OR Name 2 ways in which you’re going to become a savvy travel hacker in the next 6 months?

My best hacking story isn't exaclty hacking story, but my first free flight and stay experience in a foreign country, therefore, I believe it could fall in to that category, but after all you are going to  be the final judge of this:

Winning a free month scolarship in Muenchen Germany without evevn buying the lotery ticket:

When I was 19, I was following german lesons in Goethe institut, Athens.
Each Christmas, there was a lottery taking place and the first price was a one month scolarship to Munchen all expenses ( flight ticket and stay) paid by the Institut.
 At the day of the lottery, I was attended the ceremony, but did not buy a lottery ticket. When I went back to my (that day father's - now my ) office, a close friend of mine came to the office, telling me that I have won the first lottery price, meaning one month in Muencen, all expences paid.
Of course I did not believe him. But he was telling the truth,

What has happend was the following:

The first price was won by my German professor.
 But there was a term in the labour agreement that no one of the Goethe personnel could benefit form the price in the lottery.

Therefore, my professor was told to have a second lottery between her students.
At that lottery there was the names of all students, including me that I hadn't bought a ticket.

The lottery was conducted by my close friend, and by coincidence, my name won the lottery.
So I won  one month scolarship to Muenchen, without buiyng a lottery ticket.
That was my first travel hacking experience.

From now them I use more conventional ways, such as free miles or credit cards.

That's my story for day 27!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

My first SMART cabrio- it fits in the trunk a big suitcase- ideal for suitcase entrepreneurship!

My favorite minimal scooter back in the travel years!

Day 26:

Could you live a minimalist lifestyle? Why or why not? OR What does minimalism mean to you in the context of your ideal lifestyle?

Less is more,  quality over quantity.

These words summarize the minimalist lifestyle in my opinion. I am a fan of minimalism, since I have Spartan origins, and the Spartans were in favour of few belongings.

 But when it comes to minimalist it means not only to have few belongings or wealth (that has nothing to do-you might as well be rich or poor) but to be able to LIVE and GO BY with a few things your life.

In order to live my ideal lifestyle you HAVE to be minimalist. Because if you are always on the move, you cannot have the comfort of your home.

Event though I have a Home and an office, I could easily work with my laptop from everywhere, or live in a small hotel room of 20 square metres (as I have done many times in my past in different countries when I was younger). My luggage is always packed in my car and can be ready in less than one hour. After all my dream would be to spend a lot of time in a yacht, and that means that I cannot carry as much things as at home or live with the same comforts.

I also believe that one thing that all successful and balanced people have in common, is that no mater how many money or possessions they have they can live with only a few or them, or rephrase it better, they use only  a few of them in their everyday life, only those who are really necessary.

So if we focus only to what is  truly necessary, and to maintaining  a good quality in our personal and business life, then I believe we are one step closer of achieving the idea of minimalism.


Day 26 - How to Pack Like an Expert and Adapt to a Minimalist Lifestyle

Friday, September 26, 2014

Travelling at Paris, Louvre
Day 25 : Qusetion:What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?

A:  First of all,  I believe the most difficult for me would be to get used to the time zone difference. I mean I have travelled long distance trips, f.e  to China but its a different thing having to manage your dates and client relations at the same time.

The diet and nutrition issue doesnt concen me much, because is already in my everyday schedule.

But the most importannt thing and in here Natalie has a  point, is that you have to say no to old habits and old people, in the meaning of intoxicating people who hold you back.

 That includes the part of being disciplined in order to take your business goals to the next level of really independence, not only locally, meaning phisically, but also mentally.Strong mentality and mindset is the only way of moving forward.

In the contrary I would need to find a way to keep up with all the open minded people that have a positive way of thinking and make me move forward. Unlike Natalie, I use Facebook as an open media, meaning that there are people that I know only virtually. But that doesnt exclude my "real" friend keeping up with me. I use LimkdIn for  business contacts. I believe that maybe I will make a second FB account for real and close friends. Maybe that could be a good idea.

Day 25 Four key areas to master to truly enjoy location independence


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 24 of the blog Challenge
Place de la Concorde, Paris
Q:What are your travel essentials for your chosen destination(s) ?

A: First of all I like sunshine and water, therefore my chosen destination would definitely include those two elements.  One exception: Geneva because of the security and stability it offers.
I would prefer the mentality of the people to be relaxed, open minded and friendly to people from different origins and cultures.
 I would take my laptop, my mobile with me and my swim suit! (of course my personal hygiene items and some clean clothes).
I would like the hygiene of the country to be at a certain level that doesn't provide hazards to my health, but I am not the super clean type, therefore, the level should be only acceptable.

Passport and credit card are also essential.

But good mindset and mood  is the most essential thing of all.

In one sentence: You should focus on the place to go not on the place to leave behind!

I am now going to pack up my suitcase.

See you!


The Suitcase Entrepreneur Essential Packing List

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Riding my bike to the next destination.

Day 23:What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?

This is easy for me to answer, because I like travelling a lot. Since I was a little kid, I was watching all this documataries of the underwater world, as well as those that included travelling experiences from National Geographic.
When I was 19 in law school,  I left home in order to study in Lyon France through a student eschange program. I spent 6 months there and ten I went to Munich through a scolarship for the German language. Sicne then travelling is in my life, it runs in my blood.
I like exploring diffrent people and cultures and therefore I have learnt 6 different languages, the three of them in a proficient level.
I am an independent nature and I like benig sometimes alone, therefore I can stand the loneliness of the travelling.
I can also adapt to different environments and different cultures.
I could practically live everywhere in the world.
Nowdays that my choises are more lets say mature and justfied I modify this answer by saying I can live evreywhere, but now that I know myself a little better, I choose to live in a place where it fulfills certain standards for meand  maintains my self balance.
So my ideal place to live would be an exotic island or even Switzerland (see Day 22:

 That doesnt mean that I cannot travel anywhere, for a shorter period of time, lets say a few months or even a year.  

So I could say that I am location independent.
 As to the nomadic part of the question, I could travel and change location for a period of time, but when I get back "home", I 'd like to have a long period of time for settling down and "decodifying" experiences and lessons learned.
The only part of my location independence side of me that needs improvement is the plan of organising. This is a point that I need to work on.
May be with some assistant-virtual or not!
 Who knows what comes next in life?


Day 23 The key qualities and characteristics you will need to be a suitcase entrepreneur

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Greek beach near Attica
 Q:Day 22: If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

A: That's the best question for me  (I have travelled quite a few), yet the most difficult to answer. I'll give it a shot though: I was born in Athens which is a sea surrounded sea. Therefore, I would choose to live in a country who has sea. Besides Greece, an exotic island would be my number one destination, such as Bahamas or St Dominick. Geneva would be a great choice, because of the lake presence as well as the stability of the country. All these are top destinations.

But one of my  dreams would be to live in a ship in the middle of an ocean (ideally with a plane in it) and just shipping or flying to any destination I would choose to see friends and travel.

You see? Its difficult to for me to settle in one country. That's why it is good to have a job which offers you the mobility to make a free choice. And the legal business  (especially in the form of that can be done through internet) gives that opportunity cause it offers great flexibility.

And one last remark: The best choice is to go where your heart or your love or generally as Natalie says where the love is. That's the number one destination after all!

Welcome to Act 3: How to Become a Pro at Being Homeless


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The "dilemma" 

 Working  hours in my office

Or saving time,  and swimming in the beautiful greek island of Mykonos and at the same time making the technology work for you?

 The difference in between is the  clever use of technology
 which brings us to the

   Day 20 of the challenge:

Q: State your top three tools that you will use (or already use) to save time and money and make your online world more seamless.

A: Well, first of all I am using   PayPal  already  because I think is a safe, modern and world wide acceptable  way of receiving payments.

  Second I should eventually build an email list, and therfore I would use Mailchimp.

And because I want to save time with technology I wanna start using  Virtual Staff Finder   because you always have to outsource in order to see some real results.

That's it for today

I am  going to startto learn how to build my email list and after that I will start thinking of how I will use time saved by planning a short trip for swimming and sea viewing.

[Day 20] Tips, Tools & Resources: All You Will Need to Build Your Online Business


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Being dedicated to my legal work in my office

Adding freedom to my life and ready for the world, keeping my work ethics and principles

[Day 19] How to Become Influential and Attract Sponsors and Media Attention
Day 19:

Q: Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?

A; To do that I would start by being myself. I am very open minded active person who likes to take action and being flexible and ready to learn. I would try to share my ambitions, goals and experiences with the others through blogging and social media.

Of course being in touch with freelance writers or photographers is a very good idea, but i am just starting to learn it, so its on the testing stage, but it is a wonderful experience.

And then  I would use my experience from TV legal shows in Greek TV to the pod casting or maybe web TV if I think that I could speak for a topic in which I could contribute with my knowledge. This topic could be of a legal,  social or economic interest.

All the above I would try them if they were in accordance with my personal ethic and values in others words with my mindset and USP (Unique Special Proposition).

Have a nice day!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 18 Building a trustworthy affiliate team to sell your products
Day 18:

Q:What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?

A: This is a strange question since there is no word as selling  in law business, but could use it as a team to promote my legal services and products such as  legal books. I could also think of having advertising in the legal website.

 In this way the answer is as follows:

My dream team would be first of all my clients, people who have used my services and have been satisfied with them. That is the best advertising as one happy client could bring another one. My dream team of advertising and affiliates  would be young people (in age or in heart) who have faith in me and the knowledge (I could provide it to them) as well as the  ablility, the  time and the mood  to share it and spread the "word" around.

I will ensure helping build my business by constantly inspiring them, being by their side if they need anything  and of course giving them a reward  for the results they provide.

 I would also encouraging them to share their ideas dreams opinions with me, so they could help me impove my services.


Social media Challenge

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 17 How to engage your tribe online by building trust and value

Day 17:  What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you your brand and your business:

A: Very important question. Because I come from the law business where credibility and trust is almost everything, I could use the principles I learned for my experience in the law office to the online world:

First of all I would send regular emails informing my audience of the changes in the legal system, and I would blog consistently maybe in a daily basis- as I do now because of Natalie's challenge (or maybe better OUR (?) challenge).

Second I wouldn't promise anything more and anything less from that I could do and that means deadlines for writing an online legal advice or solving legal problem, as well as fields of law I am competent and efficient. In other words I would be myself and try not to  "betray" my audience and clients

Last but not least,  I would provide room for my website for the opinion of clients I have already serviced and hear their suggestions and critic (good or bad). In that way I could have a feedback and work at the right direction.

If I were to summarize: I would be myself and keep going......

That' s about it

PS Congrats Natalie for your webinar (18. September 2014) was splendid and really enjoyed i!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why You Should Hire For Growth and Your Long-Term Vision
Day 16:
How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

A: First of all, I would use  virtual assistants. I mean, I could have some people in the law office, but now days it isn't necessary, I' ll leave it to my father, who is more traditional!
My office would be virtual, as I said made by virtual assistants.
I would choose people through the trial and error process, and I would conclude to modern open minded people who have the same mentality as mine. I would listen to them carefully, learning by them and transmitting my experiences and making clear to them what my (company?) goals and ambitions are.
I would try to inspire them and to organize them in  a way that we will have technology working for us and not the other way around.
In fact,  I have made already the first virtual  hire, a  virtual  assistant from Costa Rica. That was before, I mean  when I still was sending CVs for a 9-5 job. I was influenced by Natalie' s book  it was a wonderful experience. Maybe I will now transform her duties as managing my email list and handling my emails. We' ll see!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

vDay 15 - Why You Need an Email List & How to Build Your Own
Day 15: How are you building your email list?

A; I just begun thinking of this kind of perspective for my blog or business, so I ll answer what would I include in my list and how often would I send mails to subscribers.
I would email my members once a week with the basic legal news/or infos that could be of a legal  or economic interest to them.
Second, I would inform them if a major change in the legal world would take place and for sure If a new product or service was available from me to them.
Another thing I would think could be to make an email with interesting social or leisure activities that I could find interesting (f.e.  trips to different countries, etc), but only in a more rare (let's say monthly basis ) and only if they wanted to,

I stand for   quality not just  in business  but also in leisure and pleasure!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 14 How to build a blog that matters and monetize it

Day 14:
 What  are the two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

A:  Well, first of all, I would like to congratulate Natalie for the podcast of Jaime Tardy who revealed to me that millionaires have some habits in common.

By the way if you want to  know about her exclusive freedom plan (which is launched from today), click

If I were to take these habits and apply them to my blog in order to gain some profit, the first thing I would say is the no excuse part. That means that I would find the time to create  a product or service to cover a specific need without postponing it for later.
Second, I would try to put my plan to monetize my blog through a product of service into action without being afraid that something could go wrong knowing by their lives that even a failure can be the beginning if a successful journey.
Ooops! I already thought the first excuse: a month is little time frame So I have to get it off my mind and promise to my self that in one month from now I will have my first product or service ready for my blog.

I  have got to get back to work


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 13 The Key to building your website without breaking the bank
Day 13: What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

A; Well I would like my site to have the whole package! (just kidding!!)

Ok if I would limit my self to three most important things , I would like:

1) Be simple and informative as Natalie says " minimal" with just the necessary infos, just like the ancient spartans used to say -my half origin is Spartan- "laconic.

2) Because I like listening and consulting people, I would for sure include in my site a free consultation program with my potential clients.

3) I would like to define my USP because my field (law) is highly competitive and overloaded.

and later, when traffic grows

I would like to keep track of where my visitors come, so I can interact with them and understand better their needs.

Thtat's the three basic elements.

Although I have started at, I would use WordPress for my  site (I think its of a very good quality of services) and its products and related services at first. As I already have a site, I would keep it maybe as landing page, and I would  build my new site at Worpress from scratch, making something totally new.
In a second stage I would start paying by first using Leadpages and Optimize Press, and then if everything would go well, I would hire an expert (outsourcing) and focusing only on the legal part of my site.

That would be my plan for my e-office site


Saturday, September 13, 2014

DAY 12:

Q:What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

A: Well, that' s the most difficult question form that challenge till now! I will try to answer that in one page.

I would say that I have a PhD in maritime law, but I think its just a piece of paper that other lawyers have as well.
When I was asked that question I took a FB test of which profession I should take and the answer is therapist, because I am not self centred. On the contrary, I am a caring and compassionate person  and I am trying to listen and solve other's people problems (and that I 've been told from friends, colleagues and clients). That  its called sensitivity.
And that is an ability that not many lawyers have.Most lawyers go to courts to bill more hours. On the contrary, I am trying to settle things by having a win-win situation for both sides. and there is a field of law which is called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and that is exactly that. In this field  I could fit in. Its like let's   say the "bartender or the PR of law ".
   By that a mean that like a bartender he listens to other people's problems and tries to find a solution by consulting them and trying to save them expenses or taxes and not throwing them into the battlefield of courts.
 I am also good at PR because I like communicating and talking to people and listen to them carefully. And because I have  a big experience in life- I 've been through a lot of personal hardships (divorce, death of parents) and I have experienced a life of wealth, as well as  financial hardships I can understand from personal experience other's people problems.
Finally, I have studied mixology (for bartenders), I have driving license for motor-sail boats and I like extreme sports (martial arts, scuba diving, shooting etc). There fore I am an open minded  person that loves life (and woman I like to flirt a lot!) and tries to get the most out of it

In my field,  a lot of clients complain that lawyers are self centred people far from reality who's only concern is to bill and go to courts. They all say to me that I am special and more human and that impresses them.Because I am open minded and sensitive I could change this opinion that people have for lawyers and offer a chance to help them solve the problems and not see their case as a way to bill more hours. In this area I could make a difference.

I that doesn't work I could still open a virtual bar or a blog and giving advice to people how to handle their personal problems as well! . After all, all lawyers have to do the therapist once in a while in their job! But its very common and its been done by a lot of people.

That's for today

Xx Stathis

 Social media Challenge

Friday, September 12, 2014

DAY 11

Q: 1. Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?A: Since I have special knowledge in a field of law and particularly business law and more specific e-commerce and a PhD in maritime law, I believe I could start one-on-one coaching by advising business owners on how yo build their site in order to avoid legal problems.The same could go on maritime law, since it is an international field of law and I could advice people from everywhere.That's the main revenue stream I think I could focus and be realistic and productive.Although I could work with one on on ore coaching right now since I have expert knowledge,  I would be very interested though in a passive form of income However, I dont know who could sponsor a maritime or business legal site or how I could find a niche site that could work for me.In that field  I need Natalie's help as well as yours if anybody has an idea.I am looking forward in hearing your ideas.

XxStathisSocial media Challenge

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Social media Challenge

Day 9:

Q: What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR  Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?
A; Well, first of all I would like to consult/coach people and in this way helping them solving their problems, in my field of kmowledge and that I would like to be my 60% of my stream.
Second, It would be ideal to sell a book or service to people and promote them to my site or blog, but this takes a lot of time. 
As an alternative, it would be a good idea to start a trust/affiliate program and to earn money from there.
The point I would like to reach my business would be to start as time goes by to have less coaching and more passive form of income as book/services and adverts, but I believe a coaching it would be a good idea not only to make money but also to get to know a lot of people, share your ideas with them and once you have experience of their needs THEN focus on writing a book or making a service so you can have more passive income.
That's my opinion


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Q: (after a day off) for day 9:
Whose online business do you admire most and why?

A: Well, that's an easy question probably because of the day off.

The answer that comes instinctively to my mind is of course Natalie's business, the suitcase entrepreneur. And that's because is really up to date,  I mean with all the links at the right spot  and state of the art applications.
Second, you can see that Natalie really believes in herself and in her business idea and makes learning experience fun and easy it' s like playing a game.
Nevertheless that doesn't mean she is not serious. I mean Natalie has its ways of separating the fun and the money part of her idea and giving for free the right amount of knowledge to intrigue its audience and make new customers.

If I was to summarise all this talking, I would say in two words that Natalie combines fun and moneymaking in the right amount online, having a well balanced business.

That' s all for today. I am now now going to get ready for my plan on the September 18th seminar
Have a nice evening.

See you!


Social media Challenge

Monday, September 8, 2014

Q: Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

A; Well, If I m going to make my business location independent, -which I  am afraid it  will happen eventually,  because Natalie's passion and business ideas through all this contest and especially the freedom plan is always a sweet disturbance to my everyday law practice, I would choose the following key tools:
a) Because I am social type, I would choose a social utiliity (FB, Tweter) to get in touch with my beloved friends.
b) Second I would use a legal library site to stay in touch with the latest developments of the shipping and business law legislation
c) Because I like exercising almost everyday, I would definitely include some sports application (but I haven't used any). Maybe I will  use Natalie suggestion on This.
And because I like flirting and talking to beautiful and classy women would certainly include in my "digital suitcase" certainly an application on wine knowledge, that  goes with the flirting.

Xx Stathis

Social media Challenge

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Q: What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

A: My top three priorities for the next 30 days that will make possible living my dream is to try and join the Freedom plan, write better posts and start leaving my initial worries behind  and transforming them to thoughts of how my new life will look like planning my future towards and not thinking of the past.
That's about it

PS To celebrate the day 6 of the block challenge I made my first lesson of scuba diving, before diving into the deep waters of my new life. I recommend this its really fun!

Social media Challenge

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Today is my birthday
I am officially 39!

 I would like to wish to all the people that may be reading this best wishes and fulfilling of their personal ambitions that everyone has for their lives.
As to me the best present this year was discovering Natalie and her site who helped me redefine and pursue my goals and ambitions in life in a very difficult time of my life and to get me active and going in a professional level.

Thnx Natalie
Keep inspiring people

Social media Challenge

Day 5:
Q: What’s does your perfect day look like?

A: Well, my perfect day would  involve some water activity: Ideally, I would start the day with a 20 min swimming,  then breakfast,  coffee and then I would grab my laptop sit down by a balcony  enjoying panoramic sea view and working on my online business. After that, I could talk or meet  some friends ant take a power nap near the beach. In the afternoon I would swim another 20 min or take a quick jet ski-boat trip around the sea and then working a couple of hours.
 During the evening/night I would either play some padel tennis (you can check it out on you tube- very interesting) and then hanging out with friends drinking cocktails which I would make.
That's what I would call a day well  spent.

If I would like to take a day off   I would ideally spend it on a big motor yacht cruising the sea. Then I would  scuba dive into the deep blue waters of the sea and partying the night with loved ones.

Another crazy dream that would make my day a dream day but it doesn't involve the sea would be the chance to drive an F1 car into the  Monaco circuit. That would be the completion of one of my childhood dreams.

I am now going to realise the third part of my dream day that would be hanging around with beloved ones.

Have a nice Saturday evening.

Xx Stathis

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lcation independence

Social media Challenge


Q (Natalie):What is your definition of location independence?

A: Well, my definition of location independence would be of course the obvious response, meaning that you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world without having to limit yourself to the boundaries of an office, house etc., even from a beach or in the middle of an ocean in a boat!

I would personally  add to this definition the inner/psychological  side of it:

What I wanna say is that location independence is from my point of view not only the ability to work from anywhere you like, but in addition to that the fact that  you don't have any special links or boundaries with a specific location, meaning that you are free both mentally and physically to relocate. Some people don't want to  move  from their home office or their houses because they don't want to  leave  their comforts. Other (including me) can travel anywhere with just a few belongings with them.

As a lawyer I would certainly add the legal aspect of the question, meaning choosing the right country for your business with a flexible legal and tax system that doesn't limit your ability to move around to the world as a digital nomad by inposing for example enormous taxes or legal boundaries to a legal entity.

That's about it!
Xx Stathis

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Social media Challenge

Q: (from Natalie): What's your  definition in business and adventure in life?

 Trying to define this I would say my definition is to  give the 110% of your strength and energy to the one thing you love the most and getting from this "giving"  the feedback to fill up your batteries and go on.
In other words doing what you love and making even your wildest dreams come true. The adventure in life could be external for example changing places, diving deep waters or climbing a Volcano or a mountain etc.
I like these kind of adventures, but I think in order to achieve this the biggest adventure is to fight with yourself and I mean to destroy the social stereotypes and confronting your biggest internal fears and or people who stop you from realising your goals by hitting your breaks all the time because they fight what they are afraid of.
I strongly believe that If someone accomplishes that, then all the other (dream job, location independent business and travelling) will come naturally.
That's my opinion and that's how I conceive and applicate Natalie's  principles in my "world".
In that way I consider Natalie to be my mentor and I really thank her for that kind of perspective she gave to my life, because as a lawyer I am by the nature of my job  preventive and conservative and Natalie has managed to change that towards the better.

That's my opinion


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blog challenge

Social media Challenge
Q: from Natalie Sissons beloved mentor  (30 day blog challenge): If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?
A Well,
Natalie First of all, I would like to live  in a beautiful house with a perfect sea view. I would like to close deals through my I phone or Mac (since I am a lawyer) and then taking the boat for a quick sea ride, or just take the dog out.
Then in the night I would love making cocktails since I have a bartenders license and have studied mixology as hobby for my friends or as my second job near the sea. 
PS I prefer the sea, but the scenery could be just as exciting to me with a house near the mountains (f.i Geneva) or near a joungle (Venesuela) but then I might have as a pet something smaller like Iguana.
If I had no barriers, I would prefer entering my private boat  or airplane and working from there changing scenery as much often as possible, ideally with my beloved friends,
xx Stathis

PS: And having the ability to communicate with people all over the world, listening learning and helping if possible!
Ηello out there!

My name is Stathis and I am a 38 year old lawyer from Greece working for a living and for a better future. This blog started in Greek, but it will continue in English, cause I like to share it with the world, not just my country.
Stay tuned for more details

Best Stathis

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Καλησπέρα από το καινούριο δοκιμαστικό μπλοκ. Από αυτό μπορούμε να μοιραζόμαστε νέα και απόψεις για τα θέματα που μας απασχολούν, νομικά ή μη.
Με εκτίμηση 
Στάθης Μυλωνάς