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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Social media Challenge

Q: (from Natalie): What's your  definition in business and adventure in life?

 Trying to define this I would say my definition is to  give the 110% of your strength and energy to the one thing you love the most and getting from this "giving"  the feedback to fill up your batteries and go on.
In other words doing what you love and making even your wildest dreams come true. The adventure in life could be external for example changing places, diving deep waters or climbing a Volcano or a mountain etc.
I like these kind of adventures, but I think in order to achieve this the biggest adventure is to fight with yourself and I mean to destroy the social stereotypes and confronting your biggest internal fears and or people who stop you from realising your goals by hitting your breaks all the time because they fight what they are afraid of.
I strongly believe that If someone accomplishes that, then all the other (dream job, location independent business and travelling) will come naturally.
That's my opinion and that's how I conceive and applicate Natalie's  principles in my "world".
In that way I consider Natalie to be my mentor and I really thank her for that kind of perspective she gave to my life, because as a lawyer I am by the nature of my job  preventive and conservative and Natalie has managed to change that towards the better.

That's my opinion


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