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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 29: Making your dream come true

Day 29: What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

  My blueprint for living the dream of my live looks like this:
 Let’s start from waking up in a scenery like this one in the photo. That would be the beginning of a dream day!

I would like to say that I have fulfilled some of my dreams in my life: first of all having my own office, struggling hard to buy my version of ideal house, etc. All these are material targets.

After you have fulfilled them, you have a very joyful moment and then you have to move forward.

And that is a sad moment because you have reached your destination at that specific moment of your life and you don’t know what comes next. Let alone the financial obligations that all these belongings create.

Growing  with the years, I realised that there is no certainty in life. That’s why you have to live your life to the fullest way possible.

Therefore, my dream now includes the knowledge of the world and the people living in it through travelling and working with people from all over the world via Internet.

In other words, I want to obtain a global point of view and broaden my horizons.

In my opinion, the key to reach my goals is independence.

Location independence, material independence and people independence.

That means that I get to choose the place to live and/or work, as well as not having to be restrained from negative people or people who over criticise my approach on work and/or life theory that I have.

I don’t want to be tied down by material obligations, f.e too much loan payments or by certain workplaces f.e specific office location.

Mobility, flexibility, adaptability, open mindset, respect for others, trustworthy business relations, happiness, communication. These are non negotiable principles and around them I want to build my dream.

And all these in a location independence environment which permits me to have the ability to travel and exploring the world.

In order to achieve my dream, I am preparing to sacrifice a super car or a super house, because it would be too much of a commitment in order to achieve my dream flexbility and mobility.

May be later when I settle down and the circumstances are better.....
I would be ready to sacrifice unuseful human relations with people that are negative and narrow minded in other words fake relations. All these superficial and  not meaningful   relations are just a waist of time.

My dream from location point of view would for sure include sea view and sun and ideally a boat, and
all the relevant sea activity and sports (swimming, diving, etc).

Day 29 Living the dream - what does yours look like?

That's for now


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