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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

vDay 15 - Why You Need an Email List & How to Build Your Own
Day 15: How are you building your email list?

A; I just begun thinking of this kind of perspective for my blog or business, so I ll answer what would I include in my list and how often would I send mails to subscribers.
I would email my members once a week with the basic legal news/or infos that could be of a legal  or economic interest to them.
Second, I would inform them if a major change in the legal world would take place and for sure If a new product or service was available from me to them.
Another thing I would think could be to make an email with interesting social or leisure activities that I could find interesting (f.e.  trips to different countries, etc), but only in a more rare (let's say monthly basis ) and only if they wanted to,

I stand for   quality not just  in business  but also in leisure and pleasure!


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