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Saturday, September 13, 2014

DAY 12:

Q:What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

A: Well, that' s the most difficult question form that challenge till now! I will try to answer that in one page.

I would say that I have a PhD in maritime law, but I think its just a piece of paper that other lawyers have as well.
When I was asked that question I took a FB test of which profession I should take and the answer is therapist, because I am not self centred. On the contrary, I am a caring and compassionate person  and I am trying to listen and solve other's people problems (and that I 've been told from friends, colleagues and clients). That  its called sensitivity.
And that is an ability that not many lawyers have.Most lawyers go to courts to bill more hours. On the contrary, I am trying to settle things by having a win-win situation for both sides. and there is a field of law which is called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and that is exactly that. In this field  I could fit in. Its like let's   say the "bartender or the PR of law ".
   By that a mean that like a bartender he listens to other people's problems and tries to find a solution by consulting them and trying to save them expenses or taxes and not throwing them into the battlefield of courts.
 I am also good at PR because I like communicating and talking to people and listen to them carefully. And because I have  a big experience in life- I 've been through a lot of personal hardships (divorce, death of parents) and I have experienced a life of wealth, as well as  financial hardships I can understand from personal experience other's people problems.
Finally, I have studied mixology (for bartenders), I have driving license for motor-sail boats and I like extreme sports (martial arts, scuba diving, shooting etc). There fore I am an open minded  person that loves life (and woman I like to flirt a lot!) and tries to get the most out of it

In my field,  a lot of clients complain that lawyers are self centred people far from reality who's only concern is to bill and go to courts. They all say to me that I am special and more human and that impresses them.Because I am open minded and sensitive I could change this opinion that people have for lawyers and offer a chance to help them solve the problems and not see their case as a way to bill more hours. In this area I could make a difference.

I that doesn't work I could still open a virtual bar or a blog and giving advice to people how to handle their personal problems as well! . After all, all lawyers have to do the therapist once in a while in their job! But its very common and its been done by a lot of people.

That's for today

Xx Stathis

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