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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Social media Challenge

Day 5:
Q: What’s does your perfect day look like?

A: Well, my perfect day would  involve some water activity: Ideally, I would start the day with a 20 min swimming,  then breakfast,  coffee and then I would grab my laptop sit down by a balcony  enjoying panoramic sea view and working on my online business. After that, I could talk or meet  some friends ant take a power nap near the beach. In the afternoon I would swim another 20 min or take a quick jet ski-boat trip around the sea and then working a couple of hours.
 During the evening/night I would either play some padel tennis (you can check it out on you tube- very interesting) and then hanging out with friends drinking cocktails which I would make.
That's what I would call a day well  spent.

If I would like to take a day off   I would ideally spend it on a big motor yacht cruising the sea. Then I would  scuba dive into the deep blue waters of the sea and partying the night with loved ones.

Another crazy dream that would make my day a dream day but it doesn't involve the sea would be the chance to drive an F1 car into the  Monaco circuit. That would be the completion of one of my childhood dreams.

I am now going to realise the third part of my dream day that would be hanging around with beloved ones.

Have a nice Saturday evening.

Xx Stathis

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