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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Greek beach near Attica
 Q:Day 22: If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

A: That's the best question for me  (I have travelled quite a few), yet the most difficult to answer. I'll give it a shot though: I was born in Athens which is a sea surrounded sea. Therefore, I would choose to live in a country who has sea. Besides Greece, an exotic island would be my number one destination, such as Bahamas or St Dominick. Geneva would be a great choice, because of the lake presence as well as the stability of the country. All these are top destinations.

But one of my  dreams would be to live in a ship in the middle of an ocean (ideally with a plane in it) and just shipping or flying to any destination I would choose to see friends and travel.

You see? Its difficult to for me to settle in one country. That's why it is good to have a job which offers you the mobility to make a free choice. And the legal business  (especially in the form of that can be done through internet) gives that opportunity cause it offers great flexibility.

And one last remark: The best choice is to go where your heart or your love or generally as Natalie says where the love is. That's the number one destination after all!

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