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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 17 How to engage your tribe online by building trust and value

Day 17:  What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you your brand and your business:

A: Very important question. Because I come from the law business where credibility and trust is almost everything, I could use the principles I learned for my experience in the law office to the online world:

First of all I would send regular emails informing my audience of the changes in the legal system, and I would blog consistently maybe in a daily basis- as I do now because of Natalie's challenge (or maybe better OUR (?) challenge).

Second I wouldn't promise anything more and anything less from that I could do and that means deadlines for writing an online legal advice or solving legal problem, as well as fields of law I am competent and efficient. In other words I would be myself and try not to  "betray" my audience and clients

Last but not least,  I would provide room for my website for the opinion of clients I have already serviced and hear their suggestions and critic (good or bad). In that way I could have a feedback and work at the right direction.

If I were to summarize: I would be myself and keep going......

That' s about it

PS Congrats Natalie for your webinar (18. September 2014) was splendid and really enjoyed i!


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