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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Riding my bike to the next destination.

Day 23:What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?

This is easy for me to answer, because I like travelling a lot. Since I was a little kid, I was watching all this documataries of the underwater world, as well as those that included travelling experiences from National Geographic.
When I was 19 in law school,  I left home in order to study in Lyon France through a student eschange program. I spent 6 months there and ten I went to Munich through a scolarship for the German language. Sicne then travelling is in my life, it runs in my blood.
I like exploring diffrent people and cultures and therefore I have learnt 6 different languages, the three of them in a proficient level.
I am an independent nature and I like benig sometimes alone, therefore I can stand the loneliness of the travelling.
I can also adapt to different environments and different cultures.
I could practically live everywhere in the world.
Nowdays that my choises are more lets say mature and justfied I modify this answer by saying I can live evreywhere, but now that I know myself a little better, I choose to live in a place where it fulfills certain standards for meand  maintains my self balance.
So my ideal place to live would be an exotic island or even Switzerland (see Day 22:

 That doesnt mean that I cannot travel anywhere, for a shorter period of time, lets say a few months or even a year.  

So I could say that I am location independent.
 As to the nomadic part of the question, I could travel and change location for a period of time, but when I get back "home", I 'd like to have a long period of time for settling down and "decodifying" experiences and lessons learned.
The only part of my location independence side of me that needs improvement is the plan of organising. This is a point that I need to work on.
May be with some assistant-virtual or not!
 Who knows what comes next in life?


Day 23 The key qualities and characteristics you will need to be a suitcase entrepreneur

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