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Saturday, September 27, 2014

My first SMART cabrio- it fits in the trunk a big suitcase- ideal for suitcase entrepreneurship!

My favorite minimal scooter back in the travel years!

Day 26:

Could you live a minimalist lifestyle? Why or why not? OR What does minimalism mean to you in the context of your ideal lifestyle?

Less is more,  quality over quantity.

These words summarize the minimalist lifestyle in my opinion. I am a fan of minimalism, since I have Spartan origins, and the Spartans were in favour of few belongings.

 But when it comes to minimalist it means not only to have few belongings or wealth (that has nothing to do-you might as well be rich or poor) but to be able to LIVE and GO BY with a few things your life.

In order to live my ideal lifestyle you HAVE to be minimalist. Because if you are always on the move, you cannot have the comfort of your home.

Event though I have a Home and an office, I could easily work with my laptop from everywhere, or live in a small hotel room of 20 square metres (as I have done many times in my past in different countries when I was younger). My luggage is always packed in my car and can be ready in less than one hour. After all my dream would be to spend a lot of time in a yacht, and that means that I cannot carry as much things as at home or live with the same comforts.

I also believe that one thing that all successful and balanced people have in common, is that no mater how many money or possessions they have they can live with only a few or them, or rephrase it better, they use only  a few of them in their everyday life, only those who are really necessary.

So if we focus only to what is  truly necessary, and to maintaining  a good quality in our personal and business life, then I believe we are one step closer of achieving the idea of minimalism.


Day 26 - How to Pack Like an Expert and Adapt to a Minimalist Lifestyle

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