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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 13 The Key to building your website without breaking the bank
Day 13: What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

A; Well I would like my site to have the whole package! (just kidding!!)

Ok if I would limit my self to three most important things , I would like:

1) Be simple and informative as Natalie says " minimal" with just the necessary infos, just like the ancient spartans used to say -my half origin is Spartan- "laconic.

2) Because I like listening and consulting people, I would for sure include in my site a free consultation program with my potential clients.

3) I would like to define my USP because my field (law) is highly competitive and overloaded.

and later, when traffic grows

I would like to keep track of where my visitors come, so I can interact with them and understand better their needs.

Thtat's the three basic elements.

Although I have started at, I would use WordPress for my  site (I think its of a very good quality of services) and its products and related services at first. As I already have a site, I would keep it maybe as landing page, and I would  build my new site at Worpress from scratch, making something totally new.
In a second stage I would start paying by first using Leadpages and Optimize Press, and then if everything would go well, I would hire an expert (outsourcing) and focusing only on the legal part of my site.

That would be my plan for my e-office site


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