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Friday, September 26, 2014

Travelling at Paris, Louvre
Day 25 : Qusetion:What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?

A:  First of all,  I believe the most difficult for me would be to get used to the time zone difference. I mean I have travelled long distance trips, f.e  to China but its a different thing having to manage your dates and client relations at the same time.

The diet and nutrition issue doesnt concen me much, because is already in my everyday schedule.

But the most importannt thing and in here Natalie has a  point, is that you have to say no to old habits and old people, in the meaning of intoxicating people who hold you back.

 That includes the part of being disciplined in order to take your business goals to the next level of really independence, not only locally, meaning phisically, but also mentally.Strong mentality and mindset is the only way of moving forward.

In the contrary I would need to find a way to keep up with all the open minded people that have a positive way of thinking and make me move forward. Unlike Natalie, I use Facebook as an open media, meaning that there are people that I know only virtually. But that doesnt exclude my "real" friend keeping up with me. I use LimkdIn for  business contacts. I believe that maybe I will make a second FB account for real and close friends. Maybe that could be a good idea.

Day 25 Four key areas to master to truly enjoy location independence


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