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Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 14 How to build a blog that matters and monetize it

Day 14:
 What  are the two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

A:  Well, first of all, I would like to congratulate Natalie for the podcast of Jaime Tardy who revealed to me that millionaires have some habits in common.

By the way if you want to  know about her exclusive freedom plan (which is launched from today), click

If I were to take these habits and apply them to my blog in order to gain some profit, the first thing I would say is the no excuse part. That means that I would find the time to create  a product or service to cover a specific need without postponing it for later.
Second, I would try to put my plan to monetize my blog through a product of service into action without being afraid that something could go wrong knowing by their lives that even a failure can be the beginning if a successful journey.
Ooops! I already thought the first excuse: a month is little time frame So I have to get it off my mind and promise to my self that in one month from now I will have my first product or service ready for my blog.

I  have got to get back to work


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