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Sunday, September 28, 2014

DAY 27:

Travelling for my PhD research in Librairie Cujas, Paris.

Day 27: What’s your best travel hacking story to date (where you scored a free upgrade, used miles or just got a bonus perk) OR Name 2 ways in which you’re going to become a savvy travel hacker in the next 6 months?

My best hacking story isn't exaclty hacking story, but my first free flight and stay experience in a foreign country, therefore, I believe it could fall in to that category, but after all you are going to  be the final judge of this:

Winning a free month scolarship in Muenchen Germany without evevn buying the lotery ticket:

When I was 19, I was following german lesons in Goethe institut, Athens.
Each Christmas, there was a lottery taking place and the first price was a one month scolarship to Munchen all expenses ( flight ticket and stay) paid by the Institut.
 At the day of the lottery, I was attended the ceremony, but did not buy a lottery ticket. When I went back to my (that day father's - now my ) office, a close friend of mine came to the office, telling me that I have won the first lottery price, meaning one month in Muencen, all expences paid.
Of course I did not believe him. But he was telling the truth,

What has happend was the following:

The first price was won by my German professor.
 But there was a term in the labour agreement that no one of the Goethe personnel could benefit form the price in the lottery.

Therefore, my professor was told to have a second lottery between her students.
At that lottery there was the names of all students, including me that I hadn't bought a ticket.

The lottery was conducted by my close friend, and by coincidence, my name won the lottery.
So I won  one month scolarship to Muenchen, without buiyng a lottery ticket.
That was my first travel hacking experience.

From now them I use more conventional ways, such as free miles or credit cards.

That's my story for day 27!


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